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Financial Advisor and Philanthropist - Victor Cozzone

May 23, 2018
What a person does with their time outside of their profession says a lot about who they are as a person. It is in the time that they spend away from work that one can see what is in someone’s heart. In the case of Victor Cozzone, he is a financial advisor as his profession. He has spent more than twenty years in the business world and utilizes his knowledge to help all the businesses that he has worked for ranging from Lowe’s to Morgan Stanley. No matter the financial advisorship needed, Victor Cozzone is up to the challenge.

In addition to his financial advisory roles, he is also an active volunteer in many different charitable organizations. He believes in the importance of bringing people together in order to make a difference in the world around him. One cause that he feels passionate about is the cause to raise money for families in need of funding urgently.

The idea of a family being left on the street because of a lack of means is one that Victor Cozzone cannot live with. This is why he makes it his charge to always be working to help raise funds and awareness for organizations that help these families in need. Victor Cozzone is grateful that he can use his financial knowledge to not only help his clients but also to help families that are struggling to make ends meet.